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Award Winning Author

Sheetal Ohri


"Second Chances- In the journey of life" —is an exhibition of the adaptability of the human spirit and the creative power of respect, forgiveness, and self-disclosure. It teaches us that no matter how far we stroll from the way, there is reliable trust for improvement and the possibility of it being our direction back home. It shows us that life gives us all second chances; we need to decide and grab those chances.

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Last week, the Indian American writer, entrepreneur, and mother was felicitated at a special book reading event at Double Tree by Hilton in London and spoke to iGlobal about her journey.

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Love is very powerful. It can melt even the hardest heart. Some books leave us with pain in our hearts, with questions about how much we have to fight for our rights, and our families. 


Exposing flaws in US family law was cathartic, brought sense of relief.

 “It was more of an Indian citizen vs US citizen issue in the US courts."


The Chronicles of an Immigrant Mother Who was Delayed justice in family law due to immigration status. This book narrates the devastating tale of the protagonist “Ritika” and her struggle with the American judicial system in the nearly a decade long custody fight for her son in court.

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About Sheetal Ohri


Sheetal Ohri is a woman with a mission. She believes in using her experiences to make a difference. Shaken by the troubles presented to her early on in life, she has made it her strength. She aspires to use her battles, experiences, and a newfound determination to guide non-immigrant parents on their rights for their children’s custody. She is committed to guiding parents who are victims of family law due to their immigration status and suffer through the complex family law system. Her determination comes from her decade long struggle to get her own son’s custody from the American Judicial system.

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